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Volunteering with the BSWC

Are you interested in volunteering with The BSWC?  Please take a moment to read the what and who we are looking to join The BSWC.  Below is a form to fill out.  Please fill out the form if you are interested in volunteering with The BSWC and we will get back to you shortly. 

  • 18+ years old.


  • Preferably a current or former sex worker, but that is not a requirement to join.


  • Can be of any race but must be respectful of Black leadership, educated about anti-Black racism, commited to Black liberation and (supporting Black contributions to) the SWer rights movement.


  • Must have the awareness and knowledge of: power structures such as white supremacy, white female aggression, racism, class divides, and heteronormativity as well as how these dynamics may affect/trigger other people.


  • Currently our members identify as Black, White, and Latinx. We are a majority Black organization.


  • Our group is currently not open to cisgender males.


  • Passionate about advancing SWer rights globally.

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