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Housing Research Project


We are seeking queer, migrant, refugees, people of any gender, race or field of work. You must currently be living in Germany. Each participant will receive 100 Euro. For more info, email Berlin(at) with 'Research Study' in the subject line.


We will conduct community based research, using our unique sex worker research design.  Network and align with more like minded groups and organizations to offer services to our communities. This is a black sworker led study, but participants are not required to be sworkers. 


We will present these results to our participating community members, local and state/city groups and officials.  We will conduct more in-depth research and implement strategies to strengthen our community. 


We intend to carry out activities which will result in a better understanding of our community needs and the root causes of their issues with homelessness within Germany, particularly Berlin, where the housing crisis is dire. 


We will implement these strategies found in the research that will better support our communities in maintaining and preserving housing which supports in building a community for themselves and their families. 


The BSWC envisions our community with a socio-economic change that results in housing preservation free of discrimination based on race and chosen field of work. 


We envision that results based on our community research will result in further funding for deeper research and funding for housing within our communities.


In an effort to support more people in this research, we will randomly select two respondents to receive a cash prize of £250 each. 

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