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The Black Sex Worker Collective is assembling an archive of works about Black sex workers for our Black Sex Worker Library! Do you know of an online essay, news media, documentary, academic paper, magazine, book, poem, zine, television series, movie, short film, or other piece of work about Black sex workers? 


Please submit it to our library using the form below for inclusion in the Black Sex Worker library! Fill out the form as completely as possible.

The BSW library is currently accepting physical copies of media for and by Black Sex Workers. Please fill out the form on the website and print a copy of your confirmation to send with the physical product.  To find out where to send a physical copy of work to, contact us.

Please upload an image file to match the work you are submitting.  You can do so by filling out the second form below.  

Upload a File

Upload File

Thanks for submitting!

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