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The BSWC Berlin

Get to know us... learn about our leadership, our actions, events and more!  We have special projects and we'd love to fill you in.  Keep scrolling for more info...

Meet The Team

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Olivia Green - Berlin Coordinator

Olivia Green is a sex worker, community organiser and educator. She‘s working across intersecting marginalised communities to foster community care, well-being and mutual aid. She is part of The Black Sex Worker Collective, the Berlin Sex Worker‘s Union and involved in a variety of projects and initiatives from health care to participating in and organising international conferences.

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Akynos - Executive Director

A leadership and program developer/organizer I am also a member of several different sex worker ran/lead organizations where I’ve lobbied in New York State against Condoms As Evidence and helped make recommendations on human rights policies at The UN.  Some of these wonderful organizations which I hope you will support are: The Desiree AllianceThe Sex Worker Film & Arts FestivalBest Practices Policy ProjectSWOP-NYCWe Are Dancers and The NJ Red Umbrella Alliance; because being a ho should be every woman’s [person’s] fundamental right.  And sex work is work. 

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Hanna - Finance

Hanna is a German community and nightlife organizer in Berlin, participating also actively as a DJ and artist. She’s been in alliance with Sex Workers as a co-founder of Berlin Collective Action supporting at risk people in Berlin since the Covid-19 Pandemic. As the director of finance at BCA she gained experience in bookkeeping and bureaucracy for grassroots initiatives distributing donations directly to applicants of Berlin nightlife communities. 



Zaniya (she/her) is a Black sex worker, activist, scholar, and grower based in Berlin, Germany. She joined the BSWC’s Berlin Chapter in June 2022. She supports the work of the collective in many ways including supporting event logistics, writing grant applications, drafting new community processes for the collective, and developing activism strategies for the Berlin chapter.

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Liliana Velásquez - Organizer

Liliana Velásquez is at work on self-worth and self-help. This Domina of the Comedy combines the emotional maturity and understanding of self-acceptance as a woman in her mid-40s that is childless and mostly single she has found herself to be in a position of pleasure and privilege. She uses her platform to have fun while also bringing attention to immigration rights, sex worker rights, and women’s rights, the intersection of LILIANA‘s life. A certified Doula, self-defense trainer, and a member of Berlin's first SW theater ensemble,  currently in the Kiss & Tell theater production. She produces Berlin’s longest-running open stage for developing artists in music, comedy, poetry & more, providing a safe space for developing voices focusing on marginalized humans. Her current comedy tour, “Time To Shine,” is about removing the taboo from our safe, sane & consensual kinks. Bring laughter and perspective to people from all walks of life.  As a multi-disciplinary artist, she combines dance paintings, installations, and monologues.

Past Events

Funders and Memberships

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We are proud members of ESWA

Namilia is partnering with the Berlin chapter of The Black Sex Worker Collective, an activist collective uplifting and advocating for Black Sex Workers, including offering mutual aid.

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