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Heaux Tales - H'or Futurism: Coming Fall 2024 this new theme explores the environment mixed with Afro futuristic hor elements

Location TBA


Created by MF Akynos with Sex Worker Futurism concept by PJ Starr

Connecting with the speculative fiction novel, Parable of the Sower by Octavia Butler -- H'or Futurism is a socially engaged theatrical performance project featuring the wild energies of Black Sex Workers in service of environmental justice, land rights, labor rights and the REplacement of our displaced bodies and imagination as peoples forced at the borders of oppression by social inequalities.


H'or Futurism is a dystopian mind fuck, where attendees are invited to enter the irresitable imagination of Black Sex Workers and the intersectional struggles of joy and resilence within the queer and migrant communties. Here we find our roots in Afro futurism, African parables and works inspired by the performances done by Daspu of Brazil. (A Sex Worker collective that spontaneously performs catwalks and fashion shows to dazzle for the rights of Sex Workers.) Our audience will be encouraged to dance, chant, and howl in this immersive theater production. As usual, there will always be food in order to create an atmosphere that is welcoming, engaging and builds connection.


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