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Peepshow Podcast Ep. 56: Sex Work Activism with Akynos from the Black Sex Worker Collective

Created by: Peepshow Podcast

Date of Release: 2021

How to Access: Listen here on Apple Podcasts

Context: This podcast episode by Peepshow Podcast discusses sex work activism with Akynos, the founder of the Black Sex Worker Collective and includes an audio montage of speakers--many of whom are Black sex workers--at the International Whore's Day Digital Rally in NYC.

(quoted from Apple Podcast's page): "In Episode 56 we interview The Incredible Edible Akynos from the Black Sex Worker Collective, who talks to us about activism to empower Black sex workers. We also discuss the Black Sex Worker Collective’s 22-hour fundraiser, “Who’s Allowed to Make Money,” coming up on July 22nd. Additionally, we bring you a montage of the speakers at the International Whores’ Day Digital Rally NYC.

Speakers you hear in the episode:

Yin Q – Red Canary Song and Kink Out

Ashley Paige - Host

TS Candii – Black Trans News

Liz Ferman - Trans News

Yulianna & Bianey Garcia - Make the Road New York

Gizelle Marie - #NYCStripperStrike

Ester K - Red Canary Song

Lorelei Lee - Hacking Hustling

RJ Thompson - Sex Worker Project at the Urban Justice Center

Red - Support Ho(s)e Collective

Leila Raven – DecrimNY

Aneesha Andrews & Alisha King – SWOP Bronx

Jennifer from Organizacion Latina Trans New York

Fera Lorde and Molly Simmons – SWOP Brooklyn

Raani Begum and Eve – Philadelphia Red Umbrella Alliance

Colectivo Intercultural TRANSgrediendo

Ceyenna Doroshow – G.L.I.T.S."

Submitted by: Akynos, the BSWC

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