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The BSWC Accra - Health Walk

DATE: 04/30/2023 •

TIME: 6:00 am GMT •

TIX: This is a past event •

The BSWC Accra - Health Walk


 The activity brought together key sex workers and community leaders in raising

awareness on HIV/AIDS through a health walk from Ayi Mensah to Peduase of Accra;

aimed at (a) Promoting the Black Sex Workers Collective (BSWC) in Ghana; (b)

Strengthening awareness, advocating and promoting knowledge on HIV/STI testing and

treatment services; (b) Positively influencing public opinion on, and debunking false

narratives, myths and perceptions on HIV/AIDS in Ghana.

 Way forward – Include recommendations and feedback from participants, as well as

available assistance in Promoting BSWC Ghana and Raising Awareness on HIV/STI

testing and treatment services.

 Participants requested for more engagements and pledged support towards a more

strengthened and sustained relationship with BSWC Ghana in safeguarding the safety and

improving the lives of sex workers.


On April 30th, 2023, a group fifty (50) sex workers participated in the Health Walk funded by the BSWC Global, and organized by the BSWC Ghana in partnership with the Service Alliance Ghana. The participants supported by a brass band, commenced the walk from Ayi Mensah through some principal streets to Peduase. A bus was made available at the Accra Mall which took off at 6:30am to convey participants to Ayi Mensah, where the health walk The walk which lasted approximately two to three hours , a certified fitness instructor, with a musical band and a health Practitioner for the HIV/STI test and treatment.

The group walked a loop trail that went through the Aburi Route, through the main road. Along the way, we passed by a resting spot, the presidential residence, a flower garden, and some playgrounds.

The walk covered a distance of approximately 3 miles and was completed at a moderate pace. The group stopped periodically to stretch and engage in brief, low-impact exercises and to also wait for those trying to catch pace with the main group and band.

The walk provided numerous health benefits, including improved cardiovascular health,

increased stamina and endurance, and reduced stress levels. The group also enjoyed the fresh air and sunshine, which can promote overall well-being which including activities such as Health screening on HIV and STI, and education on HIV Oral testing kits by a health practitioner. Although the weather was a little cloudy and mild, with a temperature of approximately 30 degrees Fahrenheit, it didn’t rain. The trail was mostly curvy with a few slight hills inclining and declining. The group encountered several other walkers and joggers along the way but were able to maintain a safe distance from others.

The group members enjoyed chatting with each other and getting to know new people. The walk provided an opportunity to socialize and connect with others while engaging in physical activity.

The group rounded up at a park at Peduase for a 30-minute stretch and aerobics by the fitness instructor, ending with fruits break with water, and a “kenkey” and fish feast. Thereafter, the health practitioner educated participants on the use of the oral HIV test kits, conducted health screening on participants, and also distributed water based personal lubricants to same.


Overall, the Springtime Health Walk was a success, providing physical and mental health

benefits to the participants. The group expressed interest in future walks and suggested exploring different routes within the area. Future walks could incorporate more challenging terrain, such as hills or stairs, to increase the intensity of the workout. Additionally, incorporating stretching and strengthening exercises could provide additional health benefits to the participants. Bismark Seth Boafo the Ghana rep, gave a closing remarks on behalf of the BSWC Global, and thanked the participants, the fitness instructor, the musical brass band and every other person for coming.

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