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Mother of Sex Work

DATE: March 15, 2023 •

TIME: 2:00pm EST •

TIX: This is a past event •

Mother of Sex Work

In 1979 Carol Leigh invented the term “sex work” and launched a new way to speak about the rights questions surrounding women’s engagement in sexual exchange, performance, and prostitution. This virtual panel discussion and multimedia presentation will showcase sex worker leadership from across the globe to discuss the impact of the idea of sex work on their organizing, and on women’s human rights and feminism more generally. This panel honors the legacy of Carol Leigh in the wake of her passing in November 2022. We are hosting this during the Commission on the Status of Women to link Carol’s legacy and our work to CSW themes. Click on the link to reserve your tickets.

Hosted by Erika of BPPP with participants Cris Sardina, Zee Xaymaca, and artists from the BSWC. See less

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