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'I Started Portland’s Stripper Strike—We Still Have Serious Work to Do' - Cat Hollis (Vogue Article)

Photograph of Cat Hollis (c) Russell Dent/Haymarket Pole Collective (Vogue article, Sept. 26th, 2020)

Created by: Cat Hollis, as told to Zoe Sigman

Date of Release: Sept. 26th, 2020

How to Access: Vogue Magazine online

Context: A Vogue Magazine article about Cat Hollis, a Black stripper who founded the Portland Stripper Strike and associated Haymarket Pole Collective.

Quote from the Article: "The dance community can be really divisive, because you’re competing against other dancers every night. The Stripper Strike actions allowed us to see one another in a new light and build a community where marginalized voices were heard. They continued to open up the conversation about sex work in Portland and across the country. We are in talks with dancers in 21 states, and we have chapters in four. Just because sex work touches a morally gray area does not mean that sex workers do not have the same rights as everyone else."

Submitted by: Zaniya, the BSWC Librarian

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